Anthropological Global Warming is a failed theory that was never about protecting the people or the environment. It is about masking a globalist agenda in environmental wrapping. The truth is the world's temperatures are cooling not heating, the ice caps have grown to modern records, sea levels are holding long term trends not rising - every scare has been defeated by observed data. The Liberty Campaign are holding believers accountable for their scientific and financial fraud that has held back economic development, lowered living standards and caused massive financial distress. Let us demolish AGW in 8 simple steps.

First, here is the official science behind AGW from Britain's Royal Society, then we take this lie apart.

This is why this is wrong - observed data disagrees with every aspect of AGW.

1. Temperature rising in line with long term increase, not the run away that AGW predicts

UAH LT 1979 thru September 2015 v6

2. Troposphere is cooling not warming

This is a graph of the Troposphere, you know, up there where all those greenhouse gasses are causing atmospheric warming:


3. Artic not melting

 artic ice extent

 and Antartic Ice at record Levels

nsidc antarctic sea ice extent max

And STILL GAINING ICE:Antartica hits 35 year record ice extent, December 2015. Ref

4. Lets talk about the sun

Global temperatures are currently rising at 0.007 degrees per year. Note those zeroes. This is well under the average warming since the end of the little ice age. Believers have removed that big yellow thing in the sky as a culprit in global warming and cooling without suitable scientific basis. The world is cooling because the Sun has moved into a minimum. This is a graph of sunspot activity:



Sunspots are concentrated explosions of energy from the Sun, they warm our planet. So high sunspot activity means higher temperatures, low sunspot activity means lower temperatures. Below is a graph of sunspot activity against a moving average of world temperatures, which stops before the end of the graph because it is a moving average.  Note temperature movement follows sunspots. This simple graph completely destroys the very foundation of the AGW scare - which is that the sun is not responsible for warming, we are. BTW this graph is offered by the warmers as proof CO2 IS the culprit, and when you look at it, clearly there is a third element at play here that clearly, neither side can explain:


Here is a great new video reviewing the 1380 Peer Reviewed Papers on Natural Temperature Changes Hidden by IPCC and also a new video on the coming Solar Minimum (little ice age).

5. No link between CO2 and Temperature

Lets take out that CO2/Temperature link. This is a long term graph of CO2 and Temperature taken from ice core data:

temperature co2 a

Do you see a correlation there? No I dont either.

BTW Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 do not correlate with the location of man-made CO2. This graph shows where the CO2 is and as you can see, it is not where we are. This graph from a new NASA satellite. Looking at the month-to-month data you see a strong rush of CO2 from regions experiencing summer (natural photosynthesis) and disippates quite quickly. The idea that CO2 can last hundreds of years seems disproven by the early data that shows significant monthly migration and mitigation (link below). Remember it is early days yet, with just 1 year's data and little study. 

oco2 1year co2 globalmap best information in the comments, read the whole page please.

6. Their models are calculated to deceive

michaels 102 ipcc models vs reality

Here is an article on why the science behind their models is rubbish. Hint - they dont include the Sun in their models, they just assume it is constant. Likewise wind, volcanos and ocean currents. Except they are not and it is making a joke of their models, as you can see from this graph.

The models also ignore other important natural compensations, like Isoprene.

Here is a video by Brian Lilley of Rebel Media ( with a nice encapsulation of the failure of the doomsday prophecies:

This paper released in May 2015 has found a link between ocean currents and temperature changes. Two things are relevant here, firstly they show a link between ocean currents and temperature. This is denied by the IPCC and their modellers, who rely almost exclusively on CO2 as the driver of climate. The second issue here is that it predicts a period of cooling, not warming: Even Science Daily has run an article talking about the upcoming period of Global Cooling:

UPDATE 28/2/16. Climate Scientists have actually agreed that their models are correct and the hiatus is real. Yeah it is! Our story

7. AGW kept alive by tampering with the temperature dataset

Because there is so much Green/Renewable Industry now in existence and all relying on the theory of AGW being correct, there is a massive amount of self-interest in keeping the scare going. All those Academics that head up "Faculty of Climate Change" type positions are the same "experts" that are quoted as independent scientists supporting AGW. They are not independant - their job depends on keeping the scare going! Read:

UN and Oxfam caught bribing journalists to write climate change scare stories
$1,000,000 a year salary for leading UN Climate Change Scientist

So how are they doing that? Well rigging the temperature dataset is a leading tactic. This was actually how I came to question AGW in 2007. When satellite temperatures started to fall I knew that there had to be a problem with the theory of AGW because the models predicted nothing but ever-increasing temperatures. When I looked past the headlines into the actual data it became immediately obvious that the warmer's data was nonsense. This is the aspect of AGW that is now getting a lot of attention. This is an example, it is the temperature dataset from Rutherglen in Victoria. You will notice that the original data shows cooling temperatures, and the BOM's Acorn dataset simply changed this into a warming:


This is just one example, for more see this:

UPDATED: German Professor: NASA has fiddled the data on an 'unbelievable" scale. Here is the graph from that article, mouse over to see the huge data tampering that has been going on. This is the world temperature dataset:

actual data

And latest fraud from NASA : 

nasa data fraud

8. So what is really behind the AGW agenda?

Most believers just think they are Saving the Planet®. So their hearts are in the right place even if their brains are not. What really matters is the agenda of the people pulling the strings - the Aristocracy. This simple video gives you a hint:

Yes the real inconvenient truth about CO2 is that is greening the planet. See this article by our CSIRO:

deserts greening

If that page goes down here it is in .pdf format

October 2015 Update. Our own UWS has published the first report from their 10 year, $30m study on the effects of increased CO2 on forests and it is all GOOD. 35% increase in vegetation, improved drought resilience. Link here:

So the effect of rising carbon dioxide levels in conjunction with better farming practices has been an increase in food production such that agricultural production has kept pace with population growth.

world food production per capita

So here is the problem. If you are running an agenda to reduce world population because the fewer people the easier to control, and you create a fake population bomb theory to justify this - what you do not want is for rising CO2 to increase food production. You want reduced yields. You want starvation. You want people to be starved out of Africa, Asia Minor and into developed Countries.