The next battlefield in the Never Ending War is our own front garden. Islamic immigration is being actively encouraged. Emboldened by apparent Government support, we are seeing creeping Sharia law introduced. This is part of the plan. Islam will be built up until it rivals Christians and Agnostics in power. At that point the elite will flick the switch from support to opposition and civil war will be encouraged.

This civil war will not just be to generate revenue for Mega Corp, but also serve to introduce draconian restrictions on Freedom, Liberty and Democracy in the name of protecting us in time of war.

Remember the elite have bought many of the handgun & rifle manufacturers for a reason. Those will be the weapons of the next war, not aircraft or battleships because it will be a war fought door-to-door in our own cities, our own streets, our own homes.

These activists that are speaking up now must be silenced, the sheeple cannot become concerned too early - a successful war is all in the timing. So they arrest and intimidate those who speak out now. Freedom of expression is a basic human right, as long as those words do not incite violence then for the love of liberty - STOP ARRESTING PEOPLE FOR SPEAKING OUT!

The many good and decent Muslims in all our countries should consider that you are being used as a pawn in the war on democracy. Understand that this Government indulgence which may give you cause for comfort now will not last, their plan for you is death and misery. Your religion is not being protected & encouraged, it is under a very real threat and you do not realise it.

So let us look at cases where people have been arrested for expressing a point of view that goes to "blowing the lid" before the time is right.


Story from Infowars:

Britain First activists were reportedly threatened with a dawn raid and later arrested by police after they published a viral video which showed members of the group being confronted by Muslims in the town of Luton. The original video, which attracted tens of millions of views on Facebook, shows Muslims embroiled in heated arguments with Britain First activists, vowing to “take over,” as well as making violent threats and at least one physical assault.

Luton police subsequently issued a statement saying they would investigate Britain First, seek to ban the group from entering Luton again and that, “no members of the local community,” ie the Muslims that hurled abuse, would be arrested.

“This means that both Paul and Jayda will be unable to attend any days of action, protests or activities on any Saturday for the next four months!” said Britain First in a statement.

Liberty GB party leader Paul Weston was arrested by police for criticizing Islam during a public speech in 2014. Weston’s “racially aggravated” hate crime consisted of him reading out Winston Churchill quotes.

Meanwhile in a related development, anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson was attacked and knocked unconscious by unknown assailants during an incident on Saturday night which also took place in Luton.


Infowars: A Danish man was convicted and fined for comparing the religion of Islam to Nazism in the latest example of how Europe is clamping down on free speech as millions of Muslim migrants flood into the continent.

Flemming Nielsen wrote a Facebook post in which he stated, “The ideology of Islam is just as loathsome, disgusting, suppressive and dehumanizing as Nazism. The mass immigration we are now seeing is the most destructive (thing) that has happened for the Danish society in recent history.”

Prosecutors successfully argued that Nielsen’s rhetoric was “racist” (despite the fact that Islam is not a race), and he was subsequently hit with a 1600 kroner fine. Nielsen’s comments were found to be “insulting and degrading” towards followers of Islam and he was charged under the country’s criminal code for racist offenses.

Nielsen claimed that he was merely referring to Islamists and not all Muslims, but prosecutor Bente Schnack claimed there was “no difference”.

“I see it as a principle. They must not be allowed to suppress people’s freedom of speech,” Nielsen told Danish television.

As we have previously highlighted, Facebook has teamed up with the German government and an ex-member of the Stasi to track down and punish Germans who make anti-migrant posts on social media.

A Dutch man also received a home visit from the police after he criticized his country’s open borders refugee policy as a “bad plan” on Twitter. {A "bad plan" - that is all he said, and he gets a police visit to intimidate him into silence}.



reference Sweden Democrat Party politician Michael Hess of Karlskrona was sentenced today (May 8, 2014) to a fine for hate speech after having connected the religion of Islam with rape. According to the judgment, the statement is not part of a “factual and authoritative discussion” and it thus it does not matter whether or not the statement is true. The indictment concerned a comment on Facebook that Hess wrote next to an article in Aftonbladet, which was about women who were raped in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

“When are you journalists going to realize that it is deeply ingrained in Islamic culture to rape and mistreat those women who do not abide by the teachings of Islam? [Data] is widely available showing the connection between the rapes in Sweden and number of migrants from Middle Eastern and North African countries,” wrote the SD politician.

Alderman Lise-Lotte Backstrom and the three Social Democratic jurors at Blekinge District Court, however, took no account of the politician’s objections, and  fined him  32,000 krona ($4,900 US)  for “hate speech”.

“It is […] apparent to the court that Michael Hess has meant for readers of his commentary to read the entire statement in the same context and thus readers will get the impression that it is Islamic beliefs that lie behind the rapes when the perpetrators are of Middle Eastern  or North African origin. The statement expresses  a blatant disrespect towards Islamic immigrants,” reads the judgment.


Nine Months in Jail for Blasphemy Against Islam.

{Christian Courts are sending people to jail for blasphemy against Islam, but not against Christianity. Christians can be lampooned, ridiculed and subjected to hate speach all you want. Islam has special treatment}

Caution: If you happen to be in Canada, and you say something in public that hurts the feelings of Muslims, you may well be sentenced to nine months in jail. That’s what happened to Eric Brazau in Toronto. Mind you, I’ve seen a video of Mr. Brazau’s street-corner theatrics, and he also wore offensive attire, made insulting facial expressions, and laughed derisively at or in the general direction of Muslims. So he was lucky to get off so lightly. In the face of such heinous crimes, the judge was lenient — he/she/it could have thrown the book at Eric Brazau.
I saw the "man arrested for wearing a pig hat" headline and assumed he had worn it into a mosque or walked through a muslim area as a direct incitement to violence. Nope. He was an ordinary bloke who bought a common novelty hat because his head was cold and he thought it was cute. He wore it around his own area, which is a christian area without any muslims. No-one was offended and there was no intention to offend. This isnt really about free speach, because he wasnt making any. He just wore a hat. Story.
Speech can also be silently expressed. In Glasgow in 2004 a young man named Kriss Donald was murdered by islamists. On the 10th anniversary of the murder, supporters advertised a simple flower-laying service on his grave, which is now in a Muslim Sharia "no go" zone in Glasgow, Scotland. The Police intervened, cancelled the event and threatened to arrest anyone who entered the no-go zone, even for a peaceful laying of flowers.  Story.

Germany has decided it is illegal to talk to journalists to inform them of actual events in a truthful manner. That is, stop free speach by criminalising the reporting of events that do not fit the narrative. "Police in Cologne have launched a new sex attack investigation - into who was leaking information to the Press about cover-ups. Prosecutors in Cologne have confirmed that police are gathering material which will then be examined for evidence as to the source of the leaks that resulted in complaints from the region's interior minister Ralf Jager.  It also led to the previous Cologne police president Wolfgang Albers going into retirement after his statements were proven to be incorrect by the leaks that then followed." Read more

France is much closer to flicking the switch than any other country. They seem to have already moved from encouraging Islam to attacking it. Recently a 16 year old Muslim boy was arrested and locked in jail for posting an ironic cartoon that made a very good point in an intelligent way.That link includes 5 other examples of extreme treatment of Muslims that would have been unheard of until recently. France has also:

And remember I said this civil war would be accompanied by an elimination of liberty? Well France did that as well. Their martial law provisions have become permanent, including:

  • Prohibit people and vehicles from moving in areas and at times fixed by decree;
  • Set curfews and forbid mass assemblies;
  • Establish "secure zones" where people can be monitored;
  • Close public spaces where people meet such as theatres, bars and museums;
  • Take "all measures to ensure control of the press . . . as well as radio broadcasts, film screenings and theatre performances";
  • Conduct house searches at any time without judicial oversight;
  • Enforce house arrest;
  • Confiscate weapons, even if people own them legally.

So when i talk about the loss of Liberty, I mean actual physical liberty. You have been warned.

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